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Meet The Cast of The Nanny

Fran Drescher, Fran Fine: The Nanny Herself
Charles Shaughnessy, Maxwell Sheffield: Millionaire of Fran's Dreams
Daniel Davis, Niles: The Eaves-Dropping Butler
Lauren Lane, C.C. Babcock: The Jealous Business Partner
Renee Taylor, Sylvia Fine: Fran's Obsessive Mother
Nicholle Tom, Maggie Sheffield: Oldest Daughter
Benjamin Salisbury, Brighton Sheffield: Only Son
Madeline Zima, Grace Sheffield: Youngest Daughter

Fran Drescher, Fran Fine.

Fran Drescher stars as Fran Fine, the saucy, outspoken and always sexy Nanny!

Fran, born and raised in Queens, New York, wanted to be an actress from the time she was a child. She attended Hillcrest High School, a career-oriented school, and studied drama. She met her husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, in the drama club and they have been together ever since.

After a year at Queen's College, Fran and Peter decided they needed a practical trade to fall back on and entered cosmetology school. After receiving their licenses, they opened a mini-salon giving $5.00 haircuts.

Fran's first feature film role was in "Saturday Night Fever." Her other film credits include "American Hot Wax ," "Gorp,""The Hollywood Knights," "Ragtime," "Cadillac Man," " Serious Money" and "It Had To Be You." Her role in the cult classic "This is Spinal Tap" won her a "five minute Oscar" from Esquire magazine. (She later revived her Spinal Tap character, Bobbi Flekman, for a Nanny Episode.)

She starred in the series "Princesses" and has guested on television in "Alf," "Night Court," "Nine to Five," "Fame," "The Tracy Ullman Show" and " Civil Wars." Fran also co-starred in the television movies "Love and Betrayal" and "Terror in the Towers."

Fran and Peter, who serve as co-creators, writers and producers on "The Nanny," still find outlets for their entrepreneurial spirit. She and Peter are partners in a gourmet food line which produces Loaf n' Kisses Gourmet Croutons. " The 1988 writer's strike was the catalyst that got us started," she explains.

Fran, born on September 30, lives in Los Angeles with her pomeranian, Chester, who's also made a number of appearances on "The Nanny" (as CC's dog.)

Charles Shaughnessy, Maxwell Sheffield.

Charles Shaughnessy stars as Maxwell Sheffield, the sophisticated Broadway producer, who can't make a commitment to Fran, even though everyone including the Butler can see he's in love with her!

Shaughnessy, born and raised in London, England, came from a show business family. His father was the principal writer and script editor on "Upstairs, Downstairs" and his mother was an actress. He started acting in school plays while in grade school and, after graduating from Eton College, was accepted at Cambridge University to study law. "Despite a lifelong love of the theater, I thought it was about time someone in my family did something sensible," he says.

While at Cambridge he joined the famous "Footlights Revue" comedy group. Upon graduation, Shaughnessy returned to his first love, acting, and enrolled in drama school in London. After a year touring in repertory, he was cast in the Agatha Christie television series, "Partners in Crime." He then won the lead role in the BBC drama series "Jury."

Romance brought the actor to America and he moved to Hollywood to marry Susan Fallender, an actress he had met in drama school. Shaughnessy's first Los Angeles appearances included performances at the Mark Taper Forum, the Los Angeles Theatre Company and the Globe Playhouse. He was then cast in the role of Shane Donovan in the daytime series "Days of Our Lives." He stayed with the series for seven years and won three Soap Opera Digest Acting awards.

Among his other television credits are the miniseries "'Til We Meet Again" and the movie "Dayo." He also has made guest appearances on "Murphy Brown" and "Mad About You."

Shaughnessy and his wife live in Santa Monica with their children.

Daniel Davis, Niles.

Veteran actor Daniel Davis co-stars as Niles, the witty, very proper butler with a predelection for eaves-dropping!

Davis, a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, began his career in show business at age 11 on a local television show for children where he sang, danced and performed skits. He attended the Arkansas Arts Center and graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in Fine Arts. Upon his graduation, he was invited to join the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where he was spotted by a producer who brought him to New York for the lead in the off-Broadway production of "Futz."

When Davis left the play, he joined the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Conneticut for two years, thus launching his career in regional theater. He has performed with numerous companies over a 22 year span, including The Guthrie Theatre, The Williamstown Theatre Festival, The National Theatre of Canada and seven years with The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.

The actor also performed on Broadway in "Amadeus" and with Katharine Hepburn in "Coco." Davis also appeared in the feature films "The Hunt for Red October," "Havana" and "K-9."

His numerous television guest starring credits include "Cheers," "L.A. Law," "Civil Wars," "Frank's Place," "The Equalizer" and "Cagney & Lacey. " He also played the recurring role of Professor Moriarty in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Davis was a regular on the series "Texas" and co-starred in the television movies "A Mighty Fortress" and "The Perfect Tribute."

Davis, who moved to Hollywood in 1986, loves to read and is an exercise enthusiast. He is currently learning to ride dressage, a form of English horseback riding.

Lauren Lane, C.C. Babcock.

Lauren Lane co-stars as C.C. Babcock, the comically ingratiating business partner of Maxwell Sheffield (though she's always hoping for more out of the relationship)!

Lane, who was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Texas, graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor of fine arts degree in theater and then went on to earn a master's degree in the advanced training program at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre.

Upon graduation, Lane began her professional acting career in various regional productions. Her stage work, which includes "Uncle Vanya," "Burn This," "The Imaginary Invalid," "Boy's Life" and "No End of Blame," was noticed by representatives of NBC, who offered her a development deal.

Lane first became well-known to television audiences while a regular in the hit series "Hunter." Her other television credits include a recurring role on the long-running series "L.A. Law" and also appearances in "Crime and Punishment" and "South Beach."

Additionally, Lane is a member of "The Actor's Gang," an experimental theatre company headed by actor Tim Robbins.

The actress currently resides in Hollywood with her Boxer puppy, Atticus. She is married and has a daughter; and her birthday is the 2nd of February.

Renee Taylor, Sylvia Fine.

Renee Taylor stars as Sylvia Fine, Fran's obsessive, outrageous mother.

Like Buttah - she's a Jewish mama, all gilt and guilt. Topped off by an outrageous meringue of whipped-up platinum tresses, and diva-dressed for a postmodern Mae West costume party, Sylvia Fine freely dispenses gobs of smothering mothering.

As played by Emmy nominee Renee Taylor - a seasoned stage and film actress - Sylvia cuts an in-your-face swath as mother to Nanny Fran Fine. "Mothers on TV used to be asexual. Mothers never flirted with men. So I'm blazing new trails," says Taylor, who's no stranger to neurotic nurturing, having played mom to comedian Richard Lewis on his late network sitcom, Daddy Dearest and to Brian Benben in HBO's Dream On. Taylor was born in New York City on March 19, 1935. Her screen credits include a wide range of movies and television, both as actress, director and writer. She recently played the part of Roweena Johnson on an episode of ABC's Lois and Clark (Oedipus Wrecks).

Nicholle Tom, Maggie Sheffield.

Nicholle Tom co-stars as Maggie Sheffield, the shy, insecure teenager who has come to rely on Fran as more of a mother than a nanny.

Nicholle, born in Hinsdale, Illinois, started her career in Chicago appearing in print ads and commercials with her twin brother, David, at age eight. Her family soon moved to Seattle, where she continued to work in commercials, along with David and her older sister, Heather.

The family moved to Los Angeles where Nicholle began classes with both the Young Actors Space and Margrit Pollak at the Strasberg Institute. She soon appeared in her first acting role as the older daughter in the feature film, "Beethoven," and reprised the role in "Beethoven's 2nd." She also provided the voice-over for her character in the upcoming cartoon version. Other feature film credits include a co-starring role in "Season of Change."

Nicholle was cast in the recurring role of Sue Scanlon in the television series "Beverly Hills, 90210." She has also guested in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and in the miniseries, "The Ninja Murders."

Nicholle is very proud of her sister, Heather, who co-stars on the series "The Young And The Restless" and her brother, David, who has appeared in the films "Stay Tuned" and "Swing Kids."

The actress, who is in high school, loves to swim, ride her bike, horseback ride and shop.

Benjamin Salisbury, Brighton Sheffield.

Benjamin Salisbury co-stars as Brighton Sheffield, a very clever youngster with a talent for mischief, and a budding new interest in girls.

Benjamin, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, discovered acting when he was nine years old and attended a community play with friends. "I came home and told my mother I wanted to be in a play and I auditioned for the next production," he says. He won a role in a production of "Sleeping Beauty, the Musical" in which he not only acted for the first time, but also sang and danced.

The youngster captured the attention of an agent and moved quickly into professional acting. He appeared in industrial films and commercials and also in two productions of "Nutcracker," with the Cincinnati Ballet Company and The Joffrey Ballet.

Benjamin also appeared in the feature films "Captain Ron," "The Mighty Ducks" and "Iron Will." His first television appearance was on the American Playhouse Theatre in "and the earth did not swallow him." In addition, he played the voice of the tin boy in the cartoon "The Little Wizard."

Benjamin, who lives in Plymouth, Minnesota, plays the piano and dances when he is not in front of the cameras. He also plays second base on his Little League team, is a Boy Scout and enjoys computers. His favorite subject in school is social studies because of his interest in politics.

Madeline Zima, Grace Sheffield.

Madeline Zima co-stars as Grace Sheffield, the very serious, analytical youngest daughter of Maxwell Sheffield.

Madeline, born on September 16 in New Haven, Connecticut, began her career in show business at the young age of 22 months starring in a Downey commercial. She went on to appear in dozens of national commercials in New York before being cast in the daytime serial "Guiding Light."

She co-stars in the feature film "Mr. Nanny" with Hulk Hogan, and has appeared in "Last Supper" and "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle." Madeline also guested on the TV drama "Law & Order."

Madeline and her family now live in the Los Angeles area. Her favorite subject in school is art and she enjoys swimming, camping, panning for gold and roller skating with her sister.

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